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Color Therapy with The Divine Chair

October 16, 2011

Whether in fashion or home decor, I LOVE a vintage find.  And while I’m the queen of the greige apartment, I love a pop of color, especially in the form of a well-placed chair.  Enter The Divine Chair.  I first learned of the company when I moved to the UWS as they can be found at the GreenFlea Market at 77th and Columbus every Sunday.  I walked by on my way to search for antique jewelry and was greeted by founder and designer Kitty McBride and about half a dozen gorgeous chairs!

Photo courtesy of

Kitty started making the eccentric pieces when she couldn’t find furniture that she liked for herself.  She bought vintage chairs and brought them to life with paint, and fun, unexpected colors, prints and textures, creating real works of art.  She started selling them on Craigslist in 2009 and has been in demand since.

Alberto, $1500

Whether you have a favorite piece that needs a little TLC or you want Kitty to help you select one, she will customize your piece to suit your needs.  Divine chairs range in price from about $400 – $1800.

Betsy & Cleo, $1600

I’m in love with the Camille below but I can’t wait to see what she has today!

Camille, $835

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