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5 Style Rules to Live By

April 18, 2011

Milly RTW Spring 2011

I’m all for self-expression, especially when artfully exhibited through wardrobe and overall style.  But I do believe that there are certain rules we must all accept as truth.  Here are my top 5 (this is particularly true for women over 30):

1. Dress the body you have, not the one you wish you had.
2. If you would sleep in it, don’t wear it outside. This includes lounge wear or anything you would typically change into when you get home from work.
3. Just because it’s on trend, doesn’t mean it should be on you.  If it doesn’t look good on you, it isn’t “in.”
4. If you wouldn’t buy it full price, don’t buy it on sale.
5. If you have to ask, “is this too _____ (tight, short, low-cut)?” it probably is.  So don’t wear it.
What are your style rules?
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  1. Melodi Hayes permalink
    April 19, 2011 8:10 am

    I would have to say that my number one style rule that I have embraced in my 30’s is to only wear things that I feel sexy and confident in. No more Blah days!

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