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Over the Top

October 5, 2010

Living in NYC I hear all kinds of conversations on the street.  Yesterday I was stopped at a crosswalk as two men dressed like tri-athletes walked their bikes up 6th Avenue:

Man on Bike 1: That woman is not wearing a shirt!  Why isn’t she wearing a shirt?

Man on Bike 2: You know how some guys go out without shirts?  She’s not wearing a shirt.

Man on Bike 1: Well, I don’t like that.  Women should wear shirts.

And, I agree! Especially if they’re as fab as the ‘Mo’ Top (pictured left) from Hunter Dixon, a cute and contemporary brand based out of NYC. I’m dying to add one of their feminine, whimsical pieces to my wardrobe. This would be super cute with jeans or a pencil skirt!

If you’re outside of NYC, don’t fret. Hunter Dixon is available online and at retail across the country (Saks Fifth Avenue and chic, sweet boutiques with names like Bleu Belle and Simply Charming).  Cute, no?!

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