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Staying Sane When You’re Losing It

July 8, 2010

A friend recently announced a surprising and devastating break-up.  Not only was she completely caught off guard, but this was the second time she’d broken up with her ex.  Double devastation.  But she’s a smart girl, with a big heart and a beautiful smile.  She’ll be ok.  She’ll be more than ok; she’ll find exactly what she wants and deserves!  In the meantime, I want to commend her for living by the following oath.  We’ll call it the Oath of the Broken-Hearted:

I, do, hereby, solemnly swear that I will not behave in the manner of a crazy ex-girlfriend. I will not participate in foolish or destructive behavior. I promise to act in a dignified fashion and that means I will not do stupid things, no matter how I might rationalize them. Therefore, I vow the following:

  • I will not call him. No matter what good or bad news I think he should hear only from me, I will not call him. Even if I am convinced it will make me feel better, I will not call him. I will not call him even to get my stuff. I’ll have a friend do that, preferably via email.
  • I will not email him. Not even an innocent and rather funny group email forward. I will not email him simply to give him back his stuff. I will not contact him at all.
  • I will not frequent the places I know he goes to, even if I went there first and like it better. I acknowledge that this is not a pissing contest about territory. I know going to such places will hurt more than it will help. Until there has been some space and time between us, going to those places is asinine, can be viewed as stalker-ish and will be painful only to me.
  • I will not encourage or allow friends to do anything foolhardy, even with my best interest at heart. That includes talking to him when they see him in public to let him know he is a jerk and he’ll never do better than me, or to share that I am looking fabulous, got a promotion, bought a new house and am dating George Clooney (or the regional equivalent thereof).
  • I will screen all of my calls. I will get caller ID, if necessary, and put “private call block” on my phone. I will not answer the phone unless I know who it is and am sure it’s not him. All other calls will go to voice mail.
  • I will not take his phone calls. I repeat, I will not take his calls.
  • I will not return his phone calls or emails. If he is “just checking” to see how I am, I know he is really just checking to see if I think he’s a jackass. He is looking for an ego stroke, not to get back together, and I know this because he did not start out the communication with, “I am sorry. I made a mistake. I want us to get back together.”
  • I will not look for signs that we will get back together. This includes asking the Magic-8 Ball or tarot card readers and the like. The only professional guidance I will seek will be that of a licensed therapist or member of the clergy.
  • I will not believe this is temporary. I will see this as permanent until proven otherwise by concrete actions, immense apologies and couple’s therapy.
  • I will not hide under a rock, be humiliated or ashamed that this relationship ended. For all I know, this could be the best thing that ever happened to me. And I believe the wonderful stuff I deserve is on its way.

I promise to abide by these vows for at least thirty (30) days, or until I have gotten over him, whichever is longer. This is about me feeling better and that has nothing to do with him.

This I do affirm.  So help me.

So help her indeed.

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  1. Barb permalink
    July 10, 2010 10:52 am

    All ladies should have this OATH posted in every room of there home.Read it,repeat it to yourself and live by it.Ladies and make sure you tell at least 2 friends. Pay it forward.

    Great stuff !!!

  2. Migdalia permalink
    July 9, 2010 11:51 am

    Where on Earth was this oath three years ago????!!!!!!!!

    Thank you!

    And I know your friend will be fine for the reasons you wrote, but also because she has you!

    Best always,

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